Project Date: April 26, 2015 Skills: App Development, Design Thinking, Service Design, User Experience, Software Development, User Interface Design, Mobile App Development, App Design

Relo App

Following the Santa Fe Relo domain alignment project, we collaborated on their mobile platform to improve the version they had already built. Their first version was for android devices and wasn’t hitting their vision for the app or reaching business target. We decided to start with a fresh canvas and recreate the app for IOS as well as Android. From the design-thinking workshop we had explored their customers in-depth and analysed their pain points and objectives. The app experience is relatively different to the web platform as the users goals and user experience changes, the way the information is presented and driven is also completely different.

Original App

Main priorities and goals for customers downloading the app and using it on the move were:

  • Get a quote for a move
  • Track current move
  • More information or guidance on the moving process
  • Exploring destinations to move to
  • Learning more about a destination
  • Useful tools that will make their move easier before and after the move
  • Finding the right person to contact for any questions or updates

After collaborating with the Santa Fe team, discussing the new apps features and developing customer journeys we produced an initial version of the app. The app was prototyped using Axure so that the team could interact with the app and download it onto their phones, this gave a good feel for how it looks and flows. We added and refined functionality, processes, flows, screens, UI and usability multiple times with constant re-iterations until we decided it was ready to be built.

New App

After going live we reviewed customer feedback and how the app impacted business targets. We are constantly collaborating and reviewing the apps performance both in the perspective of the customer and business to drive it further.