Project Date: June 21, 2015 Skills: Web Design, App Development, Design Thinking, Service Design, User Experience, Software Development, User Interface Design, App Design



Santa Fe Relocation Services are one of the leading global providers of relocation services to all countries worldwide. They have offices in over 50 countries and their mission is to make moving easy for all their customers both consumer and corporate. As well as moving people they offer full relocation services including visa & immigration, school search, excess baggage, Orientation visits and Accommodation.

Santa Fe Relo are driving innovation in their sector and being market leaders they are constantly pushing to innovate further. As they offer a wide range of services to a vast scale of customers they approached us to collaboratively improve their services using the design thinking approach. In the initial design thinking workshop we explored their current customer journey, business vision and strategy to find opportunities to add value to customers and ideated solutions that will reach business targets.


One of the key services they offer is accommodation and settling in services to their clients. Relopad is an internal product used by the Santa Fe Relo staff to complete all parts of this process for their clients. The focus was for their Asia market, which is where this product will predominantly be used. Employees would use this app to undertake home searches, book accommodation and inspections as well as school searches and orientation visits.

The Problem

The initial version of Relopad was in the process of being built by their internal programmers but wasn’t hitting the vision they had for the product. They brought us in to explore the customer experience and use the design thinking process to develop a new app that was more inline with their vision and that would help their employees with their day-to-day tasks.

The Focus

From the design thinking workshop we explored the customers in depth, we learnt their pain points and identified opportunities to add value to simplify a potentially stressful process. With the customers at the core of the product it gave us a good foundation to collaboratively create products that would be successful by improving customer satisfaction and reaching business targets.

One of the primary functions of the Relopad was to carry out home inspections when clients were moving into their new property. The process was difficult as it had several levels to this single task, which the initial version of Relopad did not simplify enough for the users. The app needed the ability to add inspections for all properties at different stages e.g. Pre check in, check in, pre check out and check out. Other key elements were exporting reports with signatures for the lease agreements, undertaking school searches for their relocation clients as well as taking them on orientation visits around their new city to help them settle in.

The Solution

Together with the Santa Fe team we developed a solution using the design thinking process that would carry out these tasks. We took the original product and wiped the slate clean to build from a fresh canvas. Collaboratively we explored how the product impacts the clients customer journey and how we could add value for the employees carrying out the service to ultimately improve the service received by the client.

We built an initial high fidelity prototype that would allow the employees to carry out all the tasks, which was discussed and re-iterated several times before we decided on a version to be built. Some of the primary functionality to the new Relopad app gave the employees the ability to:

Search and add new clients to the app. As clients were added to the app it also carried through all the services being implemented by Santa Fe Relo and what stage they were at for that client. This helped to manage the process for the client making it simple and taking away stress for both the customer and employee.

Find schools for the clients including a filter to refine the search. This helps the employees to find schools to the clients requirements, which would tend to be near their home or in a specific area with particular curriculums.

Book orientation visits to take the clients on a trip around the city to help them settle in. This is a key service to help the anxiety of moving to a new place and not knowing much about the area. We found this is a stressful part of moving in the exploration phase, which is why it is a key element to the Relopad.

Carry out inspections for clients. This was one of the primary tasks for employees to be able to do, as it is an essential part of the process. We collaboratively made the process simple by constantly re-iterating and reviewing the process to refine all stages of the task. This included the ability to inspect different rooms at different stages and exporting the agreements with signatures that varied depending on their location in Asia.

We are still collaboratively and constantly looking at ways to improve the product from feedback by the Satan Fe Relo Employees.