Project Date: March 04, 2015 Skills: App Development, Design Thinking, Service Design, User Experience, Software Development, User Interface Design, Mobile App Development, App Design

My Box App

The My Box app aims to reduce the stressful elements of storing belongings. Its primary cause is to help people keep on top of what items are in each box/suitcase. Keeping an itinerary of all your belongings while storing or moving can be a painful task so using the design thinking process we developed an app that would take the stress away.

The problem

We found through exploring customers in-depth that the major pain points in storing and moving were:

  • Packing items in boxes and keeping on top of what went in each box
  • Locating items once packed can be really stressful and time consuming
  • Potentially losing valuable belongings in the process
  • Identifying which box is which
  • Adding more items into specific boxes
  • Keeping track of it all in one place

We found elements in this journey that were extremely stressful and frustrating. Belongings that were of high value or sentimental were important to keep track of as well as instantly locating a particular item was difficult.

The Solution
The reason the My Box app works so well is its simplicity. Following our design thinking process and numerous iterations we found a simple solution to reducing major pain points in the journey. We made key decisions in this process to simplify the user interface and allow people to easily create an itinerary with details of each item in each box. This reduced the stressful experience by making it quick and easy to find an item and keeping a full itinerary of the belongings. The app gives the ability to take an image of the box and each item as they add it, with the option of adding a description and value to each item. We wanted the itinerary to be visual and reduce the amount of clicks when searching. Clearly seeing each box made locating items a lot easier for people, and by adding descriptions people were able to search for specific items.