Project Date: March 21, 2015 Skills: App Development, Design Thinking, Service Design, User Experience, Software Development, User Interface Design, Mobile App Development, App Design


Transforming the retail experience using location services on your iphone

When beacons hit the market they were set to transform the way customers shopped in-stores, retailers were able to drive sales intuitively by showing their customers the right products/services real time and improving the customer experience.

Customers have become accustom to shopping online and instantly purchase products from multiple stores. This created a disconnect from a tangible in-store experience with real life products as oppose to a digital purchase allowing customers to search multiple stores instantly to find the best prices and products. iBeacons bridge this gap by offering real time offers on products the customer is looking at, improving the customers experience.
Our Project

We developed this iBeacon technology for a major venue in the Arts & Theatre sector to be used when customers enter the venue. It worked well to drive footfall as customers passing the venue were picking up push notifications, which attracted them to enter. It was also to be used in the restaurant and souvenir store area to send latest deals. This made it a unique and simple experience for customers to find valuable deals given to them rather then having to find or miss them. We believe the iBeacon concept has great potential and will transform the retail market over time.